Solving Common Problems with ProntoFace (Now PrinterRun)

Solving Common Problems with ProntoFace (Now PrinterRun)

Cura is good because it automates a lot of things. But not when the printer is unhealthy. Cura lets you send print files, basic move and homing commands, and temperature setting commands using the control panel. There is a G-Code send box but it is quite useless in many scenarios because you won’t be able to see what the printer says in response. This is possible with Prontoface.

So if you suspect that one or more of your sliders, feeder, or hot-end are not working, you might want to take individual control over each unit and control them individually. Prontoface (PrinerRun) lets you do it more easily. Get if from Pronterface Website and set it up using the steps defined in the second half of the following article:

The parameters for Markhor3D D6500 are:

Baud rate: 250000

Bed Size: 150x150x140

COM: You gotta see it in your device manager. Look for Silicon Labs UART Bridge in communication devices.

Onec setup, here is a wonderful video that tells you the basics of the interface and even tells you some really advanced but cool features.

It is important that you also tell prontoface the printer dimensions. In Prontoface setting.

So you can control the speed of movement of individual sliders and command them to move in a particaular direction quite easily.

Most of the features that you need are already here on the GUI

Movement (The joypad)

Homing (Home Icons)

Speed Control (Top of the panel)

Hotend Control

Extruder Pull and Push with controlled speed and extent

Turn off all motors

So once you know that you can manually send G commands using Prontoface, here are some common commands that you can send to diagnose your printer. A complete list of commands can be found here. You must have already figured it out, but all the GUI does is send these commands that you can already send manually but a lot more easily. Infact, the whole print is based on these movement commands. Lets talk about that some other day!

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