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M3D Go Tutorial/Setup

Aug 23, 2023



One Time WiFi Setup 

Step 1 – Connect to M3D Go Hotspot 

  • Plug in the LED screen in one of the two LED/Distance sensor sockets 
  • Plug in the battery wire to the power socket 
  • Keep an eye on the LED screen until it shows an SSID and IP address. On first power up, the SSID will look like “M3D Go NNNN” and the IP will be “” 
  • Using a computer or a mobile phone, connect to the shown WiFi network 



Step 2 – Setup WiFi network on M3D Go 

  • Once connected to M3D hotspot, on your computer or mobile phone, open internet browser (chrome, safari, mozilla etc) and navigate to website at “”.  



  • Follow on screen instructions to search for your local WiFi network. Your mobile/laptop’s automation system might try to switch your network back to your local but make sure that it keeps connected to M3D hotspot for the setup to complete. 



  • Once your network appears in the list, select it, give password (if any), press next and see status on M3D LED screen. 

Step 3 – Go! 

  • Once M3D Go is connected, you may switch back to your local WiFi on your laptop or mobile and start using scratch via (make sure you copy the address as such, no HTTPS!) 



In scratch, open one of the pre-built M3D Go programs downloaded from the website.

Project Files (Scratch Templates): Click Here

Press Load From Your Computer and select the downloaded file from above.

Once loaded, this should be your Scratch Window

Now, hit the run flag, learn, code and go!

Download the manual in PDF: Click Here