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cutting-edge technology to empower educators & students

Hands-on Learning

Provides students with hands-on experiences, allowing them to actively engage in the learning process, explore concepts, and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Real-world Application

Bridges the gap between theory and practice by enabling students to apply scientific principles, technology, engineering concepts, and mathematical skills to real-world scenarios, fostering practical knowledge and understanding.

Collaborative and Interactive

Encourages collaboration, teamwork, and communication among students, promoting a cooperative learning environment where they can exchange ideas, share insights, and work together to solve challenges, enhancing their social and interpersonal skills.

Markhor3D Enabler

A printer that works out of the box.

Print Size


Printing Speed


Layer Thickness

0.1 - 0.35mm

Printing Precision


Filament Supported


User Friendly

Wifi | USB | SD Card Supported

Markhor3D Go

Scratch Robotics Programming Kit

Versatile Learning Platform

programming, electronics, & mechanical engineering

Modular Design

fostering creativity and hands-on learning

Programming Integration

Arduino & Scratch

Inclusive Learning

ideal for beginners and advanced learners

Comprehensive Resources

explore, experiment, and build

Community Engagement

collaboration and knowledge sharing


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